Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: H1N1

As a family, we get inoculated every year. Claire and I have chronic asthma and, after his near-drowning, Caden's lungs have been compromised. Chloe and Cole get to have a shot for good measure. After all, just because they are healthy doesn't mean they don't get to stay that way.

I realize that the flu, any strain, is a moving target. You can't be 100% safe from year to year, but you can make every attempt to keep yourself and those around you healthy. Right? This year is a bit different from most. Usually we head over to Dr. Taylor's office while the flu clinic is running and have our shots. No big lines, no muss, no real fuss. This year the shots are being distributed by the region and they posted the cattle calls.

We'll be in line today for the 4PM to 8PM session!

That being said, this decision, to do what we've always done is, apparently, considered controversial. Really? Two things have happened in the last 48 hours: I had one woman YELL AT ME that I was poisoning my children by exposing them to mercury. I'm sure her point would have been better received had she not been so condescending and loud. The second thing was the tragic death of a healthy, vibrant, 13-year-old hockey player in Toronto. As you can well imagine, this event has hit very close to home. There have been notes flying, full of panic and fear, from every person I've ever met in hockey forwarding information. More on an awareness level just in case I hadn't heard the story, than a "you should" or "you must" level. No fear mongering involved - just the collective shock of a community not accustomed to losing their young to events happening off the ice.

Whether you agree with inoculations or don't, whether you'll get one or give them to your children, there are lots of reasons on both sides to act, or not. Please be respectful of the decisions made: everyone is doing what they consider best for themselves and their loved ones.


donna said...

your post today should be sent to every newspaper across canada! well written...and so truthful and accurate!

the news out of etobicoke was tragic. no question, but everyone has their own right to do their best to protect their loved ones. fear mongers and the media need to stop!

i work at a hospital switchboard and come home each evening totally drained and shocked by the huge volume of stupidity with out general public.

thank you so much for being so wise and level headed..i encourage you to write your letter to editors of all the newspapers, across this Country!

well done and a huge thank you.


I'm Jack said...

I struggled with a decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. We all decided it is best for us all to get the shot when it is available here in Halifax - first two weeks in November. Although, my fear is it might be too late for my youngest who was exposed to a classmate who is confirmed as have H1N1, and now my daughter has been ill (going on day 4 now) with all symptoms of H1N1.

I echo what donna said: This post should be sent to all newspapers across this Country.

Char said...

Well said Lee. I am one who has been struggling with this for other reasons that hit close to home. We don't fall in the critical list so it gives me more time to talk to my doctor about the right decision for our family.
The amount of information that is out there is overwhelming - unfortunately, it does not make the choice any clearer for me.

shirley said...

Because of the impact this virus has on the lungs, I am glad you are getting the vaccinations. Erica came home with fear that she would "get cancer" from the vaccine! This is the sort of hysteria that surfaces and drives people's decisions.

Jayne said...

Great post Lee!