Friday, November 6, 2009

Starred Items

Note: Before you start make sure you have a fresh cup of your favourite brew and maybe a cookie or two, set the timer for your next "must do" activity (I don't want you to forget the kids at school!) and get comfy. There's a lot here. Enjoy!

I just went through my collection of starred items in my Google Reader. I subscribe to many brilliant blogs and there are so many wonderful ideas, when I happen upon something SPECTACULAR that I don't want to forget, I star it. There were 365 stars! Time to re-visit and either do something about them or delete them!

Here, I'm going to share with you the best of them:

Individual Articles:

My first star was given on June 6, 2009 to Gypsy Girl's Guide for her interview with Stacy de la Rosa. Isn't that the most delicious bracelet: unlock your dreams, indeed. Brilliant and gorgeous! Hmm, I'm thinking Christmas list!

My last star was given on November 3, 2009 with an earlier star the day before to the lovely and kind Brenda Arnall and her lovely planner: Get With The Plan, Year 3 and Putting The Planner Together.

The stars in between include these 15 lovelies:

Noodle Soup: Stranger Than Fiction
More to Me: Impossible Things
Hippy Urban Girl: 013
Zen Habits: The Little But Really Useful Guide To Creativity
Communicatrix: What I do when I'm not inspired to do anything
Creative Every Day: Swimming Lessons for Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone
Seth Godin: Thanks for Leading and The Problem with Positive Thinking
The Personal Excellence Blog: Not Getting What You Want?
BlissChick: 10 Questions to Out Your Inner Liar
Life is Beautiful: 9 Things You Can Do to Be Happy in the Next 30 Minutes
The Art of Nonconformity: How to Request an Airline Status Match
Comfort Queen: When Not to Retreat
Wish Studio: Blowing Bubbles in a Concrete Jungle
The Boss of You: Tips for Staying Relevant While You Take a Break From The Workforce
Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF. KWIM? and A Professional Photographer's Advice on Shooting Kids

Lots of great stuff! I have all of these blogs in my reader, and more. There is way too much stuff in there, but I wanted to share it all before I started to cull my collection of goodies!

Blogs with OODLES of brilliance to share:

It turns out that these blogs provide consistent excellence and make up the majority of starred items in the Reader. Rather than pointing you to specific articles, these are the blogs which ring most true to me:

Ordinary Courage
be creative. be conscious. be courageous.
White Hot Truth
A Beautiful Ripple Effect
The Happiness Project 
When I Grow Up
Creative Mama 
Simple Mom 
The Creative Junkie
Swirly Girl 
The Dear Diary Stories
Leo On The Loose

Musicians, motivational speakers, designers, artists, all sorts of mostly women. Of all ages.

I am often startled by the wisdom and optimism of the younger writers. I wish I had the courage to have written my thoughts, crafted so well, when I was younger. But when I was younger I was busy, far too busy to dwell on frivolous things like self-discovery, I had a world of business to conquer! Perhaps I should have taken the time to dwell on frivolous things? To discover and not spend my 40s figuring out who I am? I was also far less confident to put my creative ideas forward. I still suffer from that affliction, but only on occasion.

So there you have it, the stuff that keeps me reading! And, I've cleaned up my reader and even culled a few blogs. What an efficient and creative exercise.

What are your favourite blogs? Which make you come back for more?


sharyncarlson said...

Speaking of stars... I am starring this blog post! Must go back and check out all these links. Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration :)

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Aw, thanks Lee! You made my day twice in a row :)