Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Shameless Plug

Little over a year ago, I signed on to sell a product I greatly believe in.

Though, after a few years of being a Creative Memories Consultant aka "Oh no, it's that scrapbook lady, look busy" and owning a baseball training facility here in town aka "Oh no, don't tell her we had a birthday party at the bowling alley, look busy", I got a bit tired of being faced with the "Oh no, look busy" reaction to my presence. My sales style is not very hard: this is product 'X' if it works for you great, if it doesn't that's okay too.

I suppose that's why I have not been terribly successful selling. I spent a career in Category Management and my sales experience is more analytical than personal: give people what they want at a reasonable price and product will sell. Manage those two variables and you've got a career! You can only sell to those who want to buy, I don't want to sell to anyone who is not interested in buying. Make sense?

My shameless plug:

The current H1N1 has had a few interesting side effects, one of which is the realization within my circle of acquaintances is that we do not feed our children well and we demand great performance out of them.

Many have observed that Cole is "a horse", "remarkably fit", "really strong" when the reality is that my boy eats very little. Scary little. It has frightened me for a number of years and I spent the same number of years trying to find a way to put some meat on his bones and keep him healthy. It has become a personal mission; okay, obsession. A year ago, my friend Donna, introduced me to a product which I had initially seen on Oprah, by Dr. Oz (readers know he's a favourite!).

I have not sold the product in the last few months because of the "Oh no, look busy" factor. I really hadn't thought about it much until a conversation with a hockey coach. His team has been plagued with the H1N1 virus and at one point down 6 players. That's a huge portion of the team. Speaking with him he mentioned that kids need more vitamins because they don't eat well and that he's been buying his kids vitamins. I asked if they were liquid - because if they're not, less than 20% of the pill is absorbed so it's a waste of expectation, time and money. They weren't. I then asked how much he spends on the vitamins, he wasn't sure, but I know that he's spending a bundle.

I have to tell you, I'm convinced (knock proverbial wood) the reason my kids are reasonably healthy is my insistence that they drink their shot of Mona Vie every day. Claire and Caden love it - it kind of tastes like a pomegranate-blueberry juice, Cole and Chloe are not very happy with it. This winter I've been giving them double shots each morning and evening. Claire's is supplemented with Fish Oil - in liquid form - to combat her eczema. It's a daily battle, but one I'm happy to wage. Well, happy most days.

So yes, I sell Mona Vie. I have healthy kids. I do my best to live somewhere between a holistic and scientific medical lifestyle. Having chronic asthma for most of my life I'm very aware of the need for medicine in my life. Having children has made me very aware of the need for awareness of everything they put into their bodies. I believe in moderation. I believe in awareness. I believe in value.

I'll never buy a vitamin in pill form ever again.

Anyway, if you're interested, head on over to my website: here. If you're not, that's fine, too. Or, send me a note to leecurrie at cogeco dot ca and I'll get you all set up. Or not.

I'm just giving you an option to the traditional stuff out there on drug store shelves.

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