Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 of 12 June: In reverse!

I'm going backwards only because it was easier to load the photos that way today! Sheer laziness on my part :)

In keeping with that theme, we are currently watching the NHL awards. Cole has chosen #5 as his number for next year. It is fitting (to him) that Lidstrom won the award for best defenseman. I do hope he lives up to such high standards ... no photo.

We left hockey to celebrate Chloe's birthday at Turtle Jack's. A kid-friendly place much like an Outback in the U.S. Oh, no photos!

I stopped taking photos at 3on3 tonight. But I did manage to remember that it was the 12th - Chloe's birthday and all - pretty early this morning.

Not too terribly interesting, but in reverse, this was our day ...

Chloe never misses an opportunity to chat. Even placed on separate teams she manages to catch a few words with Elizabeth.

Thursday (birthday or not) is Chloe's 3on3 hockey night. When he isn't busy with other things, Cole helps out Coach Kevin by refereeing the game. It's good for him and keeps him busy all 50 minutes of ice time; good for Kevin because he can watch more and good for Chloe because Cole keeps on her and she isn't lazy on the ice when he's bellowing in her ear to keep moving!

Every day there is some sort of sea vessel that floats by the house. I always wonder where they come from, where they are going to and what is on board or what is the purpose of the different shapes on board. Some day I will figure it all out.

The day vastly improved from the gray of the morning. Claire LOVES petunias. Her favourite are "purple wave petunias" a phrase I heard over and over again when she was about three years old and we got our first dose of this annual. No matter where we live, Claire gets her purple wave petunias.

While in Cape Cod, I spent my time altering tags and clips for teacher gifts. This has been a great year for all of the kids. Ms. Zimmerman has been lovely to Caden even though he started the school year with five other kids - for four days - in Mrs Sullivan's class. Chloe is missing Mrs. Row who left on maternity leave and a huge gift of "girl" scrapbook materials. Cole had a phenomenal year with Ms. Gilio; a very special woman who brought out the absolute best in our boy. Claire has had such a tremendous year, her first at Appleby, under the tutelage of the incredible Dr. Patterson. What a role model! She is, sadly, leaving to move to London with her husband and boys. Ah, life is always about change.

These are the gifts inserted into each tag book and the clip. I'm always amazed at what you can buy. I was particularly thrilled to find the iTunes card! LOVE clutter-free gifts.

While I was in Cape Cod, Claire was honoured by the school and given a "colours" tie. This honour is given to (give-or-take) three students in Middle, Upper and Senior School each term. This was the first chance I had to take her photo. She reluctantly posed with both the new tie (worn) and old tie (in hand). I am so incredibly proud of her and what she has accomplished this year.

Off to the Social Studies exam. Not Claire's favourite subject, but she assures me that she has made every effort not just to pass, but to earn a high pass (over 85%) in each course.

Princess Perfect turns 9 today. At exactly 12 noon. If Chloe had her way, church bells would carol and the celebration of her birth would be heard all around town! She makes me laugh. I love her confidence and spirit!

The tomato plants are really coming along. I'm really happy with their progress. Everyone is even remembering to water them!

I cannot believe we had the deck stripped and coated last year. Almost EXACTLY one year ago. It looks like nothing was ever done! Hmm, can we say $5,000 down the drain? Frustrating.

The day started a bit lacklustre. Looking pretty gloomy first thing this morning.

And there it is. Our 12 of 12 for June!


Maryalice said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe! I hope she had a fun day.

Creative Junkie said...

Kind of cool to see a day backwards!

I love that photo of the tree - the way it's "surrounding" that ship.

Your altered tags are beautiful!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Everything was just beautiful. Really cool. What neat gifts for the teachers. I always enjoy pics of your kids - they seem really well rounded AND grounded. =] And as always, the view from your home just takes my breath away. Great day, I'd say.