Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love me some Hell's Kitchen!

Gordon Ramsey is the best.

I have a question for the "contestants" on this program: Why would you venture into a kitchen with him in charge unless you knew what you were doing? Do you have some kind of death wish? A need to hear brilliantly funny and inventive swear words, swear sentences?

Holy smokes is it ever comical to hear him go off on some off those poor sods. My kids laugh all the more and call it the beep, beeeeeep, beep show!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Lee, I LOVE this show and I keep forgetting to watch it on Tuesday nights.

My favorite guy this year was Matt - what a nutcase! Glad to see him gone, but he sure was funny to watch.

I LOVE Gordon Ramsey. Love him. I'd also love to go eat there just to see if I could hear him yelling at the kitchen staff. So funny.

Elizabeth said...

Count me in too. I LOVE Hell's Kitchen. I also dig that Kitchen Nightmares is coming back on. I'll be watching with ya!!

Beth said...

I love HK, too. I think Gordon is a cutie pie. He has 4 kids, too, Lee!

We called Matt "angry eyebrows" and were so glad to see Jen finally leave. I'm pulling for Christina, but I think Cory would've been a better choice.