Friday, June 27, 2008

There is an old saying ...

... about having no sense of direction: you could get lost in a paper bag.

That's me! Oh my word am I directionally challenged. It is something that we laugh at since it's gone from the silly to the sublime!

Yesterday, I left the house with the GPS all programmed and ready to go. Now, the day before we had moved our finicky GPS from the convertible into the truck. It kept losing it's signal. It's done that before. Never too big a deal.

Well, just as I went from the 93 onto the 95, before we hit the tunnel, kaput. Done.

I texted Nel who gave me directions. Which I promptly messed up.

I spoke with Melissa who gave me directions. Which I promptly messed up.

Over to the side of the road. Trying to get the BlackBerry GPS to work. Not enough juice. Grrr.

Phone rings, it's Melissa, guiding me in. Swears I can't miss the place.

Guess what? She was right. Chloe and Caden have never been so relieved to arrive somewhere!

We had a great time at Kelly's. Met with Mary (the guest of honour, in from NJ), Judy, Aimee, Nel and Melissa. The kids all enjoyed meeting and playing.

I did manage to make it home without getting lost. I'm a far better homing pigeon than I am an explorer! But, word to the wise: do not leave North Boston for Cape Cod - driving through the city - at 4PM. We got home three hours later!

It was worth every minute.


Melissa said...

It was great to see you again and meet some of your kids. We probably should have warned you about the rush hour traffic. Hope to see you soon!

Michelle said...

Glad you made it back safely. :D I am not directionally challenged though - thank goodness. My husband is. Oh vey.

Jen M said...

LOL I'm the same! Glad you made it there and back okay.

Kaye said...

You remind me of my husband. LOL!