Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dew Point

I come from a weather obsessed country. Funny thing is, during our weather forecast we never hear about dew point. I love hearing about it. The guy from channel 5 in Boston is always talking about it all summer long. It is such a good thing to know. Maybe I'm just heat-sensitive.

Personally, I far prefer wind chill to dew point. You can always put on more clothes, right?

So, for easy reference for myself - and you, I'm linking this handy-dandy chart from Wikipedia. I'm thinking that at some point today, the dew point will be somewhere between comfortable but getting uncomfortable. The breeze is what keeps things bearable here at the beach!

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CrystalJRieger said...

Gorgeous photo and I love that you blogged about the dew point! :) Love randomness like this!!