Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paper, paper, everywhere!

I love my time on holiday.

One of the best things (other than simply opening the door and have the kids run around acres and acres of sun kissed, salty-aired, adventure laden bog, garden and forest) is easy access to fantastic scrapbook material.

Paper! Love the paper! Stripes, florals, cut outs, pastel, primary, distressed ... oh, the choices. Fantastic! I have ideas leaking, positively LEAKING, out of my head. I'm filling up spiral books with ideas, editing in iPhoto like mad, journaling and researching the bits and pieces that make my pages uniquely my own. My fingers are itching to use all this beautiful stuff.

Every year I come on holiday convinced that I will not scrapbook. This is my time to do other things. To take the photos that go in the scrapbook. To live the life I want to celebrate, not just hide away in the studio and document the life we live. Every year I get all itchy to get home to make pages.

Every year I get home and my life invades my time and I never get anything done until late September!

This year cannot be like every year. And next year, I have to pack some supplies!


jill said...

I'm the same way when I buy something new...ready to go home and create with it!

I just bought the butterfly KI lace. Love it!

emily said...