Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Missing my baby

Can you tell how snarly she was when I took this photo? Let me assure you, if it does not come through, she was well and truly in a snit.

We were just leaving to head up to Orillia on Sunday to bring her to a week of overnight (sleep-away, for you Yanks) camp. It was pouring rain - again, er, still - and she was humourless at best! I like to think that part of her demeanor was due to her missing us already. Okay. That's a bit much, eh?

I think it may have been a combination of a few things. New camp. High expectations of herself, after all, it is "leadership" camp and she was nominated by her home form teacher. Fear of the unknown. Oh, and 12-year-old hormones to top it all off.

She's now been gone two nights. I am nervous but no news is good news, right?

She's having a good time, right? She hasn't smoked, tasted alcohol, tried drugs, kissed a boy - or a girl, hit anyone, been hit, she's getting along, making friends, eating food, enjoying the sports and learning the 'ropes' right?

Ugh. If I'm having a hard time with this - one week away - how am I going to deal with boarding school in 5 years!


Cyn M said...

Did I see that right? You were up at 5:57am? OMG! Claire is wonderful, even if she was a snit that morning! She is doing great up there! You have raised some great kids Lee, she is probably having a BLAST!!!!

Brynn said...

I went through the same thoughts & feelings 2 weeks ago when MY oldest was away at camp for the first time. He did great, had a blast & didn't even miss us (according to him). I managed to survive the week thinking the same thoughts as you & you know something, it worked!!!

Keep thinking the positive thoughts & she'll be home before you know it.