Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ten Hours of ... Hedley

What is Hedley? Claire's most favourite Canadian band.

Today we traveled for ten hours - leaving Cape Cod at 7AM and arriving in Oakville at 5PM. Louis traveled in the truck with the boys and the luggage, I traveled in the convertible with the girls and the tunes.

(Oh, and WE, the girls got the ticket from the humourless State Trooper at the Hudson River Bridge. My first one, in my 44 years! The ticket is so freaking complicated - a computer print-out - we cannot even see where he put the fine. Ugh.)

Claire was in charge of the iPod. Though she swears it was on "shuffle", I am convinced the iPod was put on Hedley as that was the band we heard most all day. I actually quite like him and got to "know" Jacob Hoggard a couple of years back during his stint on Canadian Idol (much like the U.S. version - but different. Oh, so Canadian!)

So, for me, I'm simply happy I survived a day with my 12-year-old selecting the music and my 9-year-old talking, truly yammering to herself in the back seat, all.day.long.

But, because we are overachievers ...

We are just in from Claire's baseball game (they won 17-5) and Cole's baseball game (they won 11-3), we got both games in before the weathah rolled in.

Have a great evening and I'll check in tomorrow :)

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Heather said...

I think I'd take the ride in a convertible with your girls over the wagon with my 2 yr old son watching Elmo!