Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12 of 12

Just a regular day in the life ... starting with:

Cole eating his multigrain toast and crunchy peanut butter. Getting ready for his day of fun and no doubt plenty of movie watching (we rented a bunch yesterday) and shooting on the hockey net in the driveway! As the day wore on, he convinced me that he wanted to go to camp next week ... FENCING camp. He's been watching too much Olympics coverage!

This is part of how I start my day, I check here, the blog. Are you one of the average of 50 people who visit each day? I check the blog and Facebook every morning while the coffee is dripping. It is such a fun way to start the day. Thanks so much for your visits and your comments!

The only way the laundry is getting folded this week is while I'm parked, PARKED, in front of the TV watching the Olympics coverage!

We had to make a bra (Claire) and undies (Chloe) run today. Louis laughs at my obsession about my girls having enough underwear. I obsess about the boys, too! So much so that it has become a family ha-ha.

Here we go, our weekly grocery order! The girls were a great help today even though they did insist on a few unnecessary things: mostly from the bakery. Carb queens!

Do you remember having such colourful bras when you were young? We went in for two sport bras and left with more than a handful (bwahahahaha) of beautiful, fun, make you feel good when you feel like crap, underwear! Ah, now there's motivation to become a size that has bras that are this fun :)

It turns out they sell Webkinz EVERYWHERE! Even at LaSenza. Chloe insisted on getting the cat for herself (the ONLY way she will ever have one under this roof - every one is allergic) and Caden got a dog. Oh, and they got me a Crocodile, her name is Chomper.

I wash and fold, the kids deliver and put their own away. This is Chloe with a load of Louis' clothes. They almost weigh as much as she does!

Mail call. The one week I'm not waiting for children is the week great reading material arrives! The Oprah magazine is so filled with articles and ideas. I put it in the middle console of the car and it takes the whole month to absorb.

Gotta get in those eight glasses a day! The tournament in Ottawa starts on Thursday and we've gotta keep our little athlete hydrated. She's pretty good about it. Not crazy about water, but with a slice of lemon or lime she'll tolerate it.

I took the kids to Butterfly Ice Cream for dessert only to find out it's CASH ONLY! What? No debit card? What're they thinking. Alas, the gelato had to wait.

Here is Claire with her friend, and teammate. They are leaving with another teammate and Coach Dada/Louis first thing tomorrow morning for the Ontario Summer Games in Ottawa.

And, there we have our one day in August!


shirley319 said...

Looks like you had an awesome day!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Awesome pics of your day, Lee. I love looking at your 12 on 12~ Makes me feel like I went along. =]