Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Public Enemy #1

No one in my house knows how to shut the door!


Drives me batty ... or housefly-ee.

Every time I see one, I am reminded (fondly) of my Aunt Beth. No one hates houseflies as much as my Aunt Beth. She is my 80-something-year-old sister of my father. In the years I used to spend time with grandmother, in my Aunt Beth's house in Moncton then Fredericton, I could remember her running around her perfectly clean and tidy house, in her very proper house dress and perfectly coiffed hair, swatting like a mad woman at the pesky houseflies that someone let into the house. I never had any doubt that the way she said someone sounded an awful lot like leeleeleeleelee with the meaningful look I would receive!

So, here I am, less the perfect house, proper house dress and perfect hair, think more lived in, t-shirt and cotton capris, running barefoot, wild air-dried hair, well, it's clean. I'm cussing my kids. They have no doubt that I'm cussing them, there is nothing subtle about my running around the house with the rolled up newspaper. I'm not even organized enough to have a proper flyswatter!

"Close the door" is the command you hear most often around here in the summer time. You hear "brush your teeth" the most because it is not as seasonal ;)

Clearly no one is listening to me!

And, no one knows how to shut the damn door!


Midnite Scrapper said...

Ugh! This is a pet peeve of mine, as well - or should I say PEST peeve? They are in abundance here...I'd hate to know why...and they love waiting at my door for the moment to slip on through. My children hear the same thing all.the.time. Yuck. I feel your pain.

Brynn said...

I am the EXACT same way! What is it with kids & doors?! UGH, I swear, I am locking the kids either IN or OUT. I think I have killed over 20 flies this weekend alone. I honestly believe they reproduce once they are dead!!! (flies, not kids).

If you find the cure all for kids, doors & flies, PLEASE pass it on, you could become a millionaire 100 times over!

Noelia said...

I'm the same too! I'm short but trust me I can jump high to kill those suckers haha

Cyn M said...

man am I with you on this one! I killed 6 of them at the window in my diningroom within 30 seconds just after dinner!!
Seriously! Nathan holds the door open for the dogs to come in for a few minutes!!! GRRRR!!!! What a P.I.T.A.!!!!

Lily said...

Could we possibly be separated at birth

Jayne said...

I here ya! What is wrong with these kids - always leaving the door open?! :wall: