Friday, August 22, 2008

A bit of Friday humour

Or, just in case you ever wondered how I feel about Crocs ;)


muirwoodsue said...

What a cute video! I don't own a pair of Dorks and don't plan on it (or Crocs) either.
I love your layout on Fabulous Friends - the flowers are so pretty!

Lily said...

rofl! they are some ugly shoes..i have a pair....i wear them outside to scoop doggy messes...that's it. Oh and the kids live in them.

CloverGirl said...


Hysterical, Lee!!!

Midnite Scrapper said...

HUH-LARRY-US!....but I love mine. =]

Cyn M said...

I have to admit that I LOVE my purple DORCS! ;) They are comfortable and I look like a DORK wearing them, but hey - my feet don't hurt! I have even taught a step aerobics class in them once because my shoes were in Ben's car!!! :) Not bad! My knees didn't hurt one bit!