Thursday, August 21, 2008


Louis and I had our umpteenth conversation with Claire over her excessive use of MSN/Facebook and her need to read - a real book or *gasp* a newspaper.

While Louis was in Ottawa, he picked up the local paper, the Ottawa Citizen. There was a fabulous article entitled "Is this the dumbest generation ever?" This is the article Claire is reading in the photo. Therein lies the irony.

When she was done: "Mama, I get it. I really do." Let's hope so! I think it's good for her to know she isn't the only kid driving her parents crazy, we aren't the only parents fed up and that her whole generation has a serious issue that will have to be overcome.


jill said...

I believe tech has it's advantages and benefits but with that said...

That is exactly TV on Tues and Thurs, 1 hr computer/nintendo game time ea day, read 45 mins a day (even during the summer and even though during the school year teachers say only 20-30 mins ea day), dh reads the sun paper with dd and ds, we go to the bookstore and the library weekly, we go to meet authors and attend book fairs.

TFS the article. I'm going to have ds read it.

Lee said...

I agree with the benefits, but with Claire going to a "paperless" school - everything is done on the laptop - it is a regular struggle to have her turn it off and enjoy other pursuits! It's all about balance. She just thinks I'm being mean ;)

jill said...

Forgot to answer your question. Project 365 is taking a photo d say for the entire year. My album is here (I need to catch up on adding photos to the album)

MAM said...

I'm amazed at how young this starts. Just the past month my son has discovered preschool games on the computer. We are actually ALREADY having to limit his computer time! He's at a Montessori school and they go to computer class twice a week and is just a whiz at getting around. Can't believe we are already dealing with this at 3.5 years old. Love your honesty in blogging about motherhood :)