Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crash, bang, BOOM!

This will be remembered as the summer of the thunderstorm. EVERY day for two months we've had some kind of rain, most accompanied by thunder and lightening. We've been treated to some pretty spectacular storms over the lake. This photo was taken of our backyard at 2:45 this afternoon and no, I did not use the black & white setting on the camera!

Louis and I were discussing our upcoming travel logistics when there was a crash that was truly frightening. We knew lightening had hit something. A quick check around the perimeter of our house showed no damage. Thank goodness!

Then our neighbour came to advise our kids to not play in the backyard until all of the bricks were picked up. Can you see it? The huge gaping hole in their chimney! Bricks are everywhere, our yard, their yard, a huge hunk on their air conditioner. WOW.

It's been over an hour and it's still going strong. I swear it is directly over our house. Louis and I love thunderstorms. Really revel in the sheer power of each storm. But I think we've now had our fill for this summer.

Bring on some blue skies!

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Beth said...

I'd love just one good soil-drenching, lake-filling thunderstorm here. We're under voluntary water restrictions, so we need your rain!