Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Facebook 101

Yesterday, I spent the evening showing Louis how to use Facebook. I am by no means an expert, but I do believe I have him on the right path. All the while our 12-year-old was having a grand time rolling her eyes and making fun of our amateur computer skills!

On Facebook, I have a few friends, most I know IRL (in real life) and I love it. I have a few applications I like playing, expecially H2Opia; Sea Creatures and (Lil) Green Patch. Oh, and the Ultimate Vision Board ROCKS!

I really enjoy connecting with people from my past. Those who are from a past time and a place and now can be incorporated into my current time and place. The only difference? The context has changed: now we have spouses, children, big homes, small homes, cars, motorcycles, tatoos, ex-spouses, same gender spouses, pets, businesses, ideas and talents and it goes on and on!

The conversation last evening? Would you invite your old girlfriend, finance, boyfriend, lover, or other intimate person to be one of your Facebook friends? See, I would. I have. Louis thinks it's weird. He's not in the least bit threatened, he just finds it weird. I find it fascinating. I love knowing where people are, what they decided to do "when they grew up", about their kids, all of it. It's so much fun!

Anyway, just rambling at this point.

Are you a member of Facebook? What is the best part for you?


Midnite Scrapper said...

You know that I am a member on FB. =] My favorite thing, besides the word games, is keeping up with dear friends that are far away. We can share pics, comments and even a bit of silliness with some of the apps. I also love that I can just glance at thier status and have an idea of what they're up to.

CloverGirl said...

I am...but that darn website confuses me!! I should come to your house for a Facebook101 lesson! :)

Cyn M said...

Yes I am a FB'er! I like seeing where people are that I have known a LONG time and seeing the pictures that people upload!

Martha said...

I admit that while I am on FB, I'm not very proficient at the assorted applications.

If Clovergirl and I come, will you or your daughter offer us some lessons on improving our FB IQ?

Charlene O'Hara said...

I like seeing what my friends past and present are up to thru their status, pictures or notes they write. Keeps me in touch with people. And yes, I have had exes on my friends list too. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion as there is no threat to my marriage.

Violet said...

I'm on there. You know this - we keep each other's H2O Topias and Li'l Green patches tended and the inhabitants happy. :o)

Sadly (or not-so-sadly, depending on your perspective) it's become yet another outlet for silliness with my colleagues.

I've reconnected with a couple of old friends. My cousins are on there. No exes are in my friends list, but that's only because they're not on FB! I don't find it weird at all to have an ex on the list. It's great to reconnect and after all - there's a reason those people are exes! ;o)

shirley319 said...

While I am on FB, I don't play a lot of the games. I have re-connected with lots of college buddies and a long lost friend from HS who was an exchange student from Sweden.
As for the exes as a friend on FB, I have no issues with it - several of mine are.