Monday, August 4, 2008

Flowers for Sherry

When I posted the photos of the new flowers in the convertible (here), my friend Sherry asked me to post the "finished result". So, here is the front entry:

With close-ups of the begonias and ivy. I'm loving the macro option on my camera! These are, of course, shade loving plants because we rarely get any sun at the front door because of how the house is situated on the lot. Or maybe it's the trees. At any rate, it's more than a little shady and needs a bit of colour to brighten things up. I think this does the trick!

We have the opposite issue in the back of the house - which is actually to the side of the front door. We have a weird - but fun - house. These plants are saturated with sun. Our purple wave petunias were burnt to a crisp while we were in Cape Cod even with them being watered once a day! I finally replaced them with these "tropical" plants that I've been assured thrive in pounding sunlight. We'll see ...

Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

Now, for #12 on my list - posted previously but only through #10. As you can tell in the first photo, there is a box with wires to the right of my front door as you are looking at the entry. Ugly, eh? This was used for an intercom. When the previous owners renovated all of the wires were cut and the system rendered useless. We, of course, did not know that and removed the intercom plate to find out why the doorbell wasn't working. One of the many things you discover when you move into a new-to-you house, right? Any ideas of what I should put here? Anything you've seen on line? Anything interesting?

For those counting along, #11 is re-finishing our front door. I'm still trying to decide what to do: paint or stain. Any ideas are welcome!

There is ALWAYS something to do! For which I am tremendously grateful, every day.


CloverGirl said...

Gorgeous, Lee!!!

I think you should stain the door. The grain would look great stained!!

Lily said...

Lovely photos dahling

Midnite Scrapper said...

I love the picture of your front door. It is all so beautiful. I have always loved a bright red door on a house, but I don't know if that is what you'd want. I love the big white flower that looks like soft tissue paper. Thanks, Lee. (((hugs)))

Cyn M said...

Definitely STAIN the front door!

You will not need to re-paint it as much and stain weathers well! :)

In fact - you should STAIN the back and side deck too! It wears well - not paint because it would mean that you have to REPAINT every couple of years!

They look gorgeous by the way! Love the red "tropical" flowers.

AmyJoy said...

I vote for a stain too.
What a beautiful wood door.

There are lots of colors of stain too :)