Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 of 12 October

This day started early and will end early - I hope!

The alarm went off at 5AM to get Louis up and to the rink. I have NO photo of that! This season he is the convenor for the Novice (8 year old) Red Division. Caden is on one of the teams but with Louis there from 6AM to 1PM I still have to get up and to the rink, just a little bit later! BUT, I have to get up to wake Louis at 5AM since the alarm is not adequate. This is going to be a long winter!

My day began with:
Caden plays all of his hockey games at the Joshua Creek Red Arena. They have a spacious and clean restaurant upstairs which is CLOSED on Sunday mornings. I tell you, they'd make a killing if it were open for coffee and brunch! After all, if I'm stuck at the Church Of The Rink, I want some kind of nourishment - if it can't be spiritual, it might as well be tasty!
Where do you think he is? Penalty box! Just like his Dada and brother before him, Caden is a hard playing defenceman!
Look at the colour! Coming down Trafalgar we always pass George's Square. A quaint little park to sit and enjoy the weather a couple of blocks from downtown. I finally stopped to take a photo of the beautiful flowers.
There are these signs popping up all over the place. I went to the website and still don't know what it's about! Nothing in the paper either. Makes you wonder what the big deal might be. I know we have a CRAPPY local paper which is quite censored in it's coverage ... after all, we like the illusion of living in Stepford North.
Election day is coming up on Monday. Do we vote Conservative? Liberal? Green? or NDP? Amazing with four parties that we still have no real choice. At least though we have more choice than our neighbours to the south! More issues covered and considered. Oh, and a significantly shorter election season (6 weeks or so) so that there is actually time to govern!
The view from the Rebecca Street bridge down at the harbour. Look at those leaves! Not quite completely changed, but none have fallen. Truly spectacular. We may head back this afternoon when the sun is reflecting back from the west. THAT would be beautiful!
I am not a fan of packaged cookies, but these Maple cookies are absolutely yummy. I remember my Nanny (dad's mum) used to buy them for me when I was a kid. So now I buy them for my kids. All but Claire think they're a treat!
I signed up for Stacy Julian's "Have More Fun" course at Big Picture Scrapbooking in September. I don't know about you, but September was INSANELY BUSY with baseball playoffs, school starting, hockey evaluations, programs starting, and on and on. I couldn't possibly fit in an on-line scrapbook course; but, I liked the idea of becoming more aware and appreciative of the every day. The next 30-day month is November. Not so busy for me as my Thanksgiving is on Monday, no big events in November - well, a hockey tournament and my anniversary, but still, a relatively slow month in the scheme of things ;) I'll try to do it then.
Amazing the difference an hour or two make, especially when you live on the water. Normally I show you a view toward Toronto, this is the view toward Hamilton. Much nicer in the fog! Kinda eerie, but beautiful! And, a great natural facial.
So, when the weather is crummy, the kids can be found playing together. Claire is learning some kind of Mario game and her little brother is teaching her. Funny!

A nice view of our rearranged family room. Of course, it must be Sunday afternoon. Louis is flipping between American football and old movies.
THIS is how I'm spending the rest of my day. I'm taking the Design Your Life course, on Big Picture Scrapbooking and the wonderful and talented Cathy Zielske is our instructor. I have learned so much and we're just in our second week! I have a couple of assignments to do and a few photos to send out to be developed.

Looking forward to a couple of quiet hours scrapbooking and then it's off to bed before 9PM. Hope you are having an equally lovely day!


Midnite Scrapper said...

Lee! Your scenic pics are always my favorite. I loved the color of the trees, the flowers and even the fog picture was amazing. I have one question...was that a picture of you in the photo frame (pic of your dh watching t.v.)? =]

Lee said...

Hey Sherry, it's kind of fun taking those photos each month, I can keep track of all the changes. And, that is, indeed a picture of me - from my last modeling session - when I was 26. Ah, the old skinny days!