Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Thermometer Required

We had such an incredible day yesterday with my friend, Char and her family. Sean, her husband is lovely. I believe he was somewhat hesitant to visit though I believe he went home happy and relieved. Her son, Jonah, was happy to meet his mum's "friend in the computer". I know my kids were thrilled and have already put in requests for younger siblings. I have declined those requests! Louis really enjoyed having a "little guy" around and realized just how much our kids have grown up in just a couple of years.

You can read Char's brilliant entry about the day: here.

My only addition to her fabulous words are:

1. Don't plan friends over when your husband has to be up at 5AM to convene hockey until after noon! Poor guy is absolutely blotto today.
2. If you have a great camera, which I do, use it! I have NO PHOTOS of our day yesterday. I cannot believe it. Grrr.
3. Always have a back up thermometer. Not only did the one I have not work, it broke so the meat was a bit well-done. Ooops.

Mind you, Louis is happy for the sleep deprivation and really enjoyed the company as he was equally as hesitant as Sean! He was burned terribly last year and still uneasy about socializing too much in a more than superficial kind of way.

Char is right, we did venture into a couple of "taboo" areas of conversation. As couples we are polar opposites - well, when it comes to politics, for sure! How fun it is to share opinions, have a discussion, embrace the differences, not necessarily agree and still enjoy the day. After all, how can you have an opinion if you can't see both sides and choose the one you're on?

My kids, who all stayed up too late - a good sign - are already asking when we're going to do it again. I do hope soon.

Hope all my Canadian friends are enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend! We have a lot to be thankful for, indeed.

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