Thursday, October 16, 2008

ROUND is a shape!

I just took this test, one I've taken before but thought I'd share today since I was reminded of it on Emily's blog.

What shape are you?

I am a circle

The circle is an ancient symbol. It is the most used shape in religions. Circles are the people who seek harmony. Circles are the caretakers, the peacemakers, and the nurtures of the world. Circles simply need to help. They love people with problems! They are the huggers and the smilers. The circles motto is "forget your troubles and just get happy!" Circles are the teachers and office workers who put smiley faces on things. Circles are the sales associates who always say, Have a nice day. Circles are talkative, self-critical, warm, caring, sensitive people. Circles are real people persons, with lots of friends. Circles love to gossip, but generally not maliciously. It is just that everybody tells them everything! Circles cannot stand conflict. They are joiners and often belong to many clubs or organizations. If we consider how circles think, they are both linear and non-linear, left brained and right brained; they can think in both styles and are the only shape that has this duality. Circles combine their thinking styles in a unique way that makes them somewhat intuitive. They have a sixth sense when it comes to communicating. Why? Because they can read people. They are the best communicators of all the shapes. Jimmy Carter is a circle.

Though I'm no Jimmy Carter, I think they got it pretty much right. What do you think?


Lisa said...

I'm a Square!

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Um, I'm a squiggle. Who knew a squiggle was a shape??