Friday, October 17, 2008

Vent: It's not looking good

I am finding that the older I get the more symptoms I display each month. I can liken it to what I imagine would be an out-of-body experience. I can hear myself, see myself but cannot stop myself. On a good day I have very little opinion-filter but on a PMS day, look out, it's like feeding me truth serum, with a bit of bitchy thrown in for good measure.

Little things which would not normally bother me set me off completely. Today?

1. I don't like being jarred awake by the alarm clock while it's still dark either, and I'm a morning person! But don't make me get up early to get you up for school and the either crab at me that you're tired (after staying up past 11PM) or go back to sleep. I am tired of having to wake everyone in this house over and over again every morning. Seriously, every stinking morning. Yes, they all have alarm clocks. Yes, they have all experienced me not waking them up and being late for school. But that also required four separate trips to two separate schools. So who was punished exactly?

2. I don't like going to American Crafts and Heidi Swapp to find out that, yet again, they do not ship to Canada. Are you serious? I can't get my thickers (love them) or ghost letters (the coloured ones) here or my other regular they will ship to Canada outlets. I need to get them from the source and I can't. And, thanks for telling me, at check-out. There's a half-hour I'll never get back. Grr.

3. I don't like a sick husband. He's is the midst of his annual miserable cold and for at least three weeks now he is more crabby, sucky, mopey then he ever was when he had Cancer 10 years ago! No, honey, I don't know when you'll be feeling better. No I cannot answer your medical questions. Why can't he just go to the doctor and stop giving me minute by minute updates on how sick he is. Ugh.

4. And to the idiot in the jalopy who backed out of the gas station into traffic then proceeded to drive under the speed limit .... and to the guy in the half ton truck behind me who rode my bumper ... learn how to drive for goodness sake. Both of you. You're menaces!

I'd better stop there. Though it is just the first few I could think of, my brain is screaming with more. Thanks for letting me vent. It's far safer to do it here :) Well, safer for my family!

I do hope everyone has a lovely day. I've printed off a bunch of photos and hope to catch up on all of my lovely CZ assignments. Week 3 started yesterday. We're learning about repetition. We're learning about repetition. (Funny, eh?) I should be good at it since I often have to do things more than once!


BonnieRose said...

I wish I cuda taken the CZ class, just not in my budget this time around...:(

shirley319 said...

Vent on! Some days it's therapeutic to do so.

On the HS shipping woes.... I found the ghost letters at addicted to scrapbooking and I am fairly certain they ship to Canada!

muirwoodsue said...

Hi Lee,
I hate PMS too! It's like the evil side just coming out!
How much longer will I have it because I'm 50!!!!!
Thanks for finally telling me what LINAR means.
I can now sleep easier!

Jayne said...

LOL! Not laughing at you but myself - I could have written your post the other day!

Lee said...

OMG, Sue, if I thought you were losing sleep I would have told you a week ago :)

ekmanspiral said...

Hi Lee,
Just thought I'd let you know you can get Thickers at the Scrapping Bug in Kitchener.

Lee said...

Looks like a road trip to Kitchener may be in order ... hmmmm