Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gratitude Challenge

My virtual friend Sherry has posted a gratitude challenge on her blog. I have just finished my 'month of gratitude journal' as my Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, but hey, it's good to be grateful every day of every month, so I'm joining in and making this a blog challenge - as opposed to personal journal challenge!

Are you going to join me? I hope so. It's a great way to stay grounded and aware.

Gratitude: Day 1

The 4th Line bridge over the QEW (a major 8-lane highway which disects our town) was dismantled almost a year ago to be widened and the traffic flow re-worked. The deadline for completion was October 31st. Here, on November 1st, I drove over the completed bridge. I am amazed and thankful that the project was finished on time, and thrilled that I can now get to North Oakville in half the amount of time it's taken in the last year!

Not the best looking picture, but often the most practical things are not the most attractive :)

Gratitude: Day 2

I am so fortunate to live right on the water. On Sunday mornings, Caden plays hockey and I take the slow route - along Lakeshore Road, and often enjoy the sunrise while he plays gameboy in the backseat. Today, I stopped at Bronte Harbour and at Coronation Park and took these photos:
The sun rising through the boats just recently brought out of the water waiting to be stored for the winter at Bronte Harbour.

This morning you could hear the cold lake water hitting the rocky shore. There were even whitecaps this morning. Autumn has definitely arrived! The breeze is brisk and the leaves are almost all off the trees. It is invigorating. I'm happy to have had my mitts and scarf on today!

Post a link so I can see what you are grateful for today!


Brynn said...

Gorgeous pics Lee! I too would be taking the "slow" route, just so I can see the beautiful sights.

Kyla said...

Beautiful photos, Lee! WOW! So much to be grateful for!

I guess my last post about New Friends would be considered a grateful post . . . I just stopped in and caught your challenge after I posted it. ;)

Hope you're having a great evening!

Midnite Scrapper said...

I can just imagine how beautiful that sunrise is in person. Glad you're in on the challenge. =]

agent713 said...

Wow those shots are amazing!!!

ekmanspiral said...

Wow, the bridge looks so huge now! I used to live very near there but haven't been 'home' to Oakville in a while. My brother had a summer job at that building on the left. And Coronation Park... one of the things I miss most about Oakville is the lake.