Saturday, November 1, 2008

My little ghosts and goblins

Hallowe'en is such a huge undertaking, but boy do the kids ever love it! (It also holds very special memories for me as well.)

We purchased, gutted and carved the pumpkins; the costumes were chosen and organized. Candy which consisted of rockets (the Canadian kind) and lollipops were put into the witches kettle to hand out. Louis took the kids to their appointed rounds - ChloƩ with Cameron and friends, Caden and Cole with their friends (Louis stayed with the boys). Claire stayed home to hand out candy as she is still grounded and wasn't allowed to go out with her friends. With the tremendous spirit she has, she did dress up and did her best to enjoy the evening. The problem? The doorbell rang ... TWICE!

We are located on a very quiet cul du sac and the majority of the kid population and their playmates are located on the other side of the creek. Poor Claire was not in the least bit impressed. Our location is great for every day living, not so much for Hallowe'en visitors.

The evening ended with all of the goodies emptied and sorted onto the kitchen table. The kids are allowed to keep 20 pieces each. Normally the "Good Pumpkin" takes the excess candy and replaces it with books. This year s/he didn't get a chance to run to the bookstore! No doubt something will be figured out to maintain the ruse. I think this is the part that Louis enjoys the most - the sorting and organizing all of the goodies. No doubt keeping a couple for himself is kind of fun, too!

I do like this Friday night timing, though. The kids can stay up and then sleep in. And sleep in they did, after all, hockey practice isn't until noon. Now that I am finally starting my delayed "Have More Fun" class which includes me taking a sunrise on Day 1. Hmm. November 1 is Day 1! Sometimes my great plans start off a bit bumpy! Thank goodness no sunrise ... I'll have to fake it some other morning ;)


Char said...

OMG! Only 2?? LOL. My sister had the same amount. We had about 100 kids. We had leftovers as well. The costumes are so cute! Glad Claire was still in the spirit! LOL

Cyn M said...

We had NONE!!! I was even stocked with Candy! I guess, being in the BOBLE BELT had something to do with it. Nathan wasn't even allowed to wear his costume to school! :(
Now, I betcha you can guess who he was!!! Yep! SPIDERMAN!!!! LOL
I love dressing up and I love the kid's costumes!

Anonymous said...

Your kid's costumes are so cute! I can't believe you only had 2 visitors, what a bummer!