Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gratitude: Day 29 - Bonus :)

Silly, I know.

I am grateful for Hockey Night in Canada. A national television show on CBC that carries the Canadian hockey games on Saturday evenings. During the first intermission we are entertained and educated - yep, educated - by Don Cherry (pictured above) during "Coaches Corner". Then we learn about all things hockey (trades, controversies) during the "Hot Stove" segment covered during the second intermission. This is played twice every Saturday night.

The East usually carries games with Toronto and a couple of hours later the West carries games pretty equally divided between Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. For 15 years, I have been watching hockey on RDS (the French-Canadian version of CBC - the East game is Montreal). I can't imagine that there is any bigger Habs fan than the one I married. Well, except for the one I birthed!

Hockey Night in Canada is part of the fabric of our nation. Saturday night wouldn't be the same without it.


NurseJudy said...

Oh My. Is this the Bruins Don Cherry?

Lee said...

The one and the same! Love him.

Cyn M said...

I miss Hockey Night in CANADA!!!! :( One of the things I miss about being in Canada of course is the Hockey and seeing the Canadiens thing though... when they come to Atlanta, I try to get good tickets. We introduce Nathan to Hockey this year!!! WOOHOO!