Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gratitude: Day 30

I'm grateful for my camera. It keeps me connected with my daily life.

I'm one of those people who celebrates the every day and completely forgets to take photos at special events ... like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

My camera is a reflection of me and my interests. I've recently become quite confident in my ability and, though I own, I don't use the photo editing software to edit photos. I feel like it's "cheating" in some way. I do some overt and obvious tweaks to manipulate an effect, but nothing to make up for the flaws in the photographer.

I am grateful for my Canon camera. I received my very first Canon semi-automatic film SLR camera at Christmas 33 years ago and I've not been without a camera since. My camera is truly a part of me.


Noelia said...

Love reading your gratitude posts. My camera is also way up there on the list. I'm thankful for mine as well, life would not be the same without it. And I'm with you about photoshopping photographs. I don't own photoshop and if I did, I wouldn't be using it to tweak my photos instead I would start digi scrapping :)

jill said...

Great gratitude post. I'm never without one of my cameras. My family has learned to just expect photos :) I love photoshop! Nothing major but definitely a little editing to improve the quality of my shot.