Monday, November 10, 2008

It gets better ...

Louis is the convenor for the novice (8-year-old) red-level hockey in our town.

There are 8 teams in the red division. 8 groups of 16 kids. 8 groups of parental units - they can be up to four or five! 8 groups of great fun, potential controversy and general good times.

Now that teams have been "balanced" (aka, made as fair as possible) it is time to collect the jerseys and put the last names on the kids backsides.

One of the coaches just called:

He is convinced that never in the history of minor hockey has this ever happened. He arrived home after work this evening to collect the garbage bag that held the jerseys to deliver them to the printer.

In his area of town, today was garbage day.

Yes. THAT bag was put out for collection.

The poor coach: "Louis, this is nothing to laugh about." Louis: "Yes, yes, it is."

Louis came down with tears in his eyes, he cannot stop laughing. I cannot stop laughing.

You know, if it's something you can't control, you just have to laugh.

The downside: Louis has to spend the rest of the evening figuring out how to have new jerseys made in time for the game on Sunday. The upside: He'll laugh throughout the whole process.

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Char said...

Oh that poor coach!! He must feel terrible! Love the attitude though. No point in getting upset, just laugh it off. FUnny day for you for sure!