Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Pitiful WET Boy

Yesterday was our Santa Claus parade throughout our (thankfully) small downtown. It was a miserable day. We woke up to unrelenting drizzle. It rained throughout the day.

Do we keep the boy home? Do we let him go? Will he want to go?

Caden is a boy who enjoys being comfortable!

Yesterday was also a bit of a logistical test, so Caden walked the whole route with the adults and volunteers from Canlan Ice Sports. There were supposed to be 10 kids and Caden was one of the 4 who showed up. According to Jamie there was not a peep of a complaint.

When I caught up with them just entering the disbursal area, Caden was happy to see me but I didn't get the usual wave or smile. I'm so proud of him for sticking with it and not having me or Louis called to come get him.

He's growing up!


Char said...

AWWWW, he's soaked! LOL. Way to go Caden, its a good virtue to stick to your committments.

emily said...

Cute picture! He's a trooper!