Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ah, Christmas Day is here

Merry Christmas! I do hope that Santa was good to you and yours and that you had a chance to get some sleep last night. It was quite civilized here, I watched "Night at the Museum" after the showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" up in my room with Chloe and Caden, Cole and Claire were on the computer (watching Norad, no doubt) and Louis took himself off to Midnight Mass. No one woke until 7:30 this morning.
Did I mention that we were cutting back this year? Hard to tell when we looked at the tree this morning!
Evidence that Santa was here. Yes, those are Oreo crumbs. I never got to the baking (yes, Donna, you were right) and none of the cookies Donna brought over made it through the week to end up on Santa's plate!
Ah yes, coffee was brewing and waiting to be flavoured with Bailey's. Our Christmas morning drink of choice. Funny, we don't often drink it any other time. Mind you, for me it's like taking knock out drops!
Our patient kids waiting for the coffee to brew so they could check out the goodies waiting for them in the living room. Well, the younger kids were patient, Claire was just annoyed she was woken up before noon!
Clearly the inconvenience was worth it! The "family" gift was the Guitar Hero and Claire was thrilled to receive her Dance Dance Revolution game for the Wii.
Cole has been asking for this laser tag equipment for AGES. The boys have spent a couple of hours outside and running through the house with the sounds of lasers going off every few seconds. At this point, I'm kinda glad the batteries ran out :)
The Wii Karaoke for our little Super Star. The box is small, but mighty, just like the recipient.
Caden was thrilled to receive his Wii Mario Cart. Yes, it was a Wii kind of year.

I had a wonderful afternoon napping - clearly Bailey's in the morning is not good for my wakefulness! Right now, Louis has just left with Claire and Cole to go see the 3:45 showing of "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey at the local movie theatre. I'm staying here with the little two and we're going to watch "Horton Hears a Who" (clearly this is a Jim Carrey kind of day!) while the turkey roasts, the potatoes mash, the dressing re-heats, the yule log thaws, the plumb pudding steams and the hard sauce freezes! Oh, and I'll catch up on blog reading.

Enjoy the day!


ArlaMo said...

My mom got my boys laser tag this year - making dinner in the midst of of all the chasing was a bit of a challenge!

Merry Christmas, Lee!

MAM said...

Merry Christmas Lee! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. lovemon

KarenSue said...

You're tree is BEAUTIFUL!