Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Choose Joy: Shine

As part of Sherry's Choose Joy Challenge, this week we are to include things that glitter/shine.

Today, we woke up to our first real stick-to-the-ground SNOW of the season. The kids were delighted. By mid-morning the sun finally appeared revealing many, many, bunny prints. We forget how much wildlife surrounds us when there is no real evidence of their presence. I love seeing the prints with just a ray of sunshine. It was a beautiful day.

The geese never come up this close to the house, but who knows, next fresh fall I'll take myself down to the lake and take photo evidence of their winter presence.

EDIT: I forgot to include my brand new shiny Mona Vie pin as a Choose Joy post, but I've edited it, as it is truly a JOYFUL choice!


Martha said...

Ok, totally unrelated to your blog entry (as beautiful as it is)...I'm snooping on Cole's schedule: and he has hockey games that start that late? long does such a game last? How do you manage to keep everyone awake and happy?

I so admire the commitment you and your husband have made to your kids!

Stay healthy...stay happy!

Lee said...

Well Martha, there's fodder for a blog entry!

I was surprised this year regarding the times of Cole's games but they start right after the boys a year younger than them. A result of limited ice availability and an over abundance of hockey players; it can make for late nights! Mind you, the games are only an hour long, so it's not as bad as it first appears. Cole is generally in bed, or well on his way by 10PM.

Often, on a school night, we divide and conquer so the younger two get to bed by 8PM. The whole schedule you see includes upcoming games and one tournament during our Christmas break.

As parents it's our job to encourage our kids to be the best they can be, right? Sometimes that means a lot of time in a rink, on a ball diamond, at a pool, listening to missed notes, running lines, hearing the same song over and over. But we all do it, eh?

It's all part of their 10,000 hours :)

Martha said...

Thanks Lee...we're just not hockey people so this is all new stuff to me.