Thursday, December 18, 2008


(This is a file photo from Google images. I'd estimate this to be about 15cm on the cars. Eek.)

Yes, that is the word Environment Canada has chosen to use to describe the upcoming storm that is to hit us by Friday morning.

Looks like I'd better get a lot done today!

According to the powers that be, we are going to be hit with 15cm - 20cm on Friday, no doubt just in time for rush hour; and, then Sunday, another storm hits with an additional 10cm - 15cm. Better news? Since we are on the West end of the lake, we've been warned that those numbers can double, even triple!

I'm hoping that this is one of those forecasts that is simply wrong, or at the very least, an exaggeration!

Snowmaggeddon, indeed.



Martha said...

Hopefully the forecasters are just hyping the storm because it's so close to Christmas?

Because let me tell you...a blizzard this close to Christmas is NOT a good idea (having been there/done that in '06).

Stay warm...

jillconyers said...

Hope it's not too bad Lee. If your weather man is anything like Ohio weather man than it will probably be sunny :)