Monday, December 1, 2008

Choose Joy

My virtual friend, Sherry, the creator of the "Gratititude Challenge" of last month has come up with a challenge for December: "Choose Joy". I plan on participating in this challenge as well. After all, you can't acknowledge enough the joy in your life, can you? Very similar to the gratitude challenge with a few more twists and turns. Like the gratitude idea, I do this exercise every day anyway, to publish it on the blog rather than in my simple journal is just one step into it being more public. Given that my life is anything but scandalous it should be pretty safe!

Go onto Sherry's blog: "It's just me ... and my coffee" and check out the "Choose Joy Challenge"! It starts tomorrow, December 3rd.

Thanks Sherry for another valuable lesson in observation ... and choice :)

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Sandra Collins said...

what a fantastic challenge idea - I think I am going to have to try this one out

BTW - I left something for you on my blog