Sunday, December 21, 2008

A forward? Caden?

The boy in the blue helmet is Caden. He's a member of the forward line today. Forward? Really? Caden is a defenceman and we have him taking private lessons to be a defenceman and our coach is fully aware of this fact; he did not advise us of any change; and Caden looked ridiculous on the ice - only because he kept heading back to be a defenceman only to be yelled at by the same coach who moved him to a position with no preparation whatsoever.

Some days you have to wonder.

The best part of the game was that because Caden is not a good forward, he was not kept on the ice 11 minutes out of 15 in the final period. Yes, one of our boys was kept on that long. Not all at one time, but Caden received his two shifts, others had more, one had less, and one had ELEVEN MINUTES which is equal to about TEN SHIFTS. This is house league. We all pay the same money. Our kids all get the same time on the ice. When asked about it after the game, by a very angry convener (Louis), the coach looked at him and exclaimed "well, how was I supposed to know?"

Um, really?

You're supposed to know because you're the head coach.

What a dumb ass.

April cannot come fast enough.

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