Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No, it's not wine ... it's better!

(So happy for my shiny new pin!)

How exiting has it been to:

1. Find a product I've been on the hunt to find for ages (love Dr. Oz and Oprah)
2. Not just find it but have an opportunity to distribute it
3. Give the gift of good health to me and my family - and anyone else who participates, it's just a bonus

A few weeks back, my friend Donna, stumbled upon a woman carrying what looked to be wine bottles. Was it wine? No, it's was better.

It was Mona Vie.

One third of the bottle is filled with the juice and pulp of the acai berry from the Amazon rain forest, the rest of the bottle is filled with a combination of 13 more carefully selected fruits. It kind of tastes like a spicy (as in mulled, spicy) pomegranate and blueberry juice. Loaded in antioxidants, which reduces inflammation which reduces the risk of disease. This drink should, if taken properly (2oz = 1/4 cup in the morning and evening), keep everything running properly. Kind of like keeping your parts well oiled ;)

For me, I toast to my health and that of my family, every day. Twice every day!

I am not looking for miracles. I'm looking for better health. After a month of taking my daily doses have there been any changes? Anything noticeable? Probably nothing that can't be simply chalked up to coincidence: I'm sleeping better; I'm more "regular"; and, I have more energy.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the mail and received a certificate, a pin and a letter of appreciation from the founder of the company for simply letting my friends know and holding a "tasting" in my living room a couple of weeks ago.

If YOU are interested in a more health-full new year, you're welcome to check out my Mona Vie web site or send me an e-mail to and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Oh, oh, one more "coincidence"! Not a hot flash to be had in two weeks!! Yay, it's all good, and getting better.


CloverGirl said...

A guy in my office swears by this. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd be all in! I'm all for making my health better.

Here's to many years of good health to you and your family.

Lee said...

Hey Chickie, this stuff is GREAT, all you need to do is sell enough to cover the cost of your bottles - then it's free. That's what I've done. Perfect. Now it's free for me, Louis and two out of four kids. You can do it! :)

AmyJoy said...

Funny. I went to the health food store today to inquire about an acai berry product. She was out of her bottles... due in Tuesday. It was $25/bottle. Drink 1 oz daily. The bottle should last a month.
I wish it was cheaper to get it for the whole family. I'll check out your stuff :) Do you ship internationally???

Lee said...

Hey Amy, I sent you a note via e-mail :)