Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a terrific game!

My kids get along as well as any other group of siblings ranging in age from 12 (almost 13) to 8. That means some days are better than others. All four have strong personalities and there is much will to be found! I've received a few notes on Facebook yesterday as most of my updates were: "they're playing monopoly, again!", asking about the game.

So, the version received from Auntie Beth is the one pictured above: Monopoly Electronic Banking. According to the Hasbro site, the MSRP is $34.99 and if any of you are stuck trying to figure out what to buy your kids or your family, THIS is a terrific game. Be sure to pick up 2 AAA batteries, too!

It's going into the "Mama Survival Kit" for trips to the rink, for sure! They're already trying to figure out how to play it in the truck.

Monopoly was developed during the Depression and went into wide circulation in the mid-1930's. Lots of great historical information can be found here.

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