Monday, December 29, 2008

The Reward of Good Effort

On the way home from the hockey rink we drive through our little downtown area. Growing up in Toronto makes our three or four block core a bit smaller than quaint, but it's ours. And, it is where we find COBS Bakery.

The bakery where we find Cole's favourite cinnamon buns.

As a treat, we stopped to pick up a half dozen on our way home. Why? Cole and his team prevailed over Whitby to win in the semi-finals 4-1. You can see their journey to the finals here.

Who do we play? Do you remember the team that mocked us for losing to them a couple of games ago? The one where I was so upset with Cole's reaction, found in this post? That's the team. Flamborough.

Fingers crossed that our boys play a disciplined and determined game!


muirwoodsue said...

Now, this looks alot better than the dressing recipe that is made from chicken parts! YUM. Eat one for me and good luck to your son's hockey team. Beat those nasty boys!

Martha said...

Fingers crossed that no fingers go flying too! :)

Seriously, congrats to the team! And wow, what yummy treats!

jillconyers said...

Yummm...they look so tasty! Congrats to the team!

Cyn M said...

Way to go team! Those looks so yummy - I bet they are even better warm! YUM!