Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you, Auntie Beth

After a day of skating and a full-on hockey game vs Brampton (Cole's team won 5-1); everyone settled in for a relatively early evening of pizza, wings and Monopoly.

Not just any Monopoly. Auntie Beth bought this neat new version filled with credit cards and really exciting properties the kids (and the big kid, Louis) could get excited about. The two most sought-after properties? Fenway Park and Times Square. The most fun for me? Making Caden repeat Waikiki Beach more than a few times!

Oh, and the kids asking: "mama, what does "K" mean?" So much for them to learn! Property vs cash flow. It was a very interesting game. Turns out you can buy your way out of jail for only half a million dollars. Ah, capitalism!

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Martha said...

1/2 million you say? Hmm...that is good to know in case the Hubby and the Things push me to the brink of sanity. It might just be worth it?

What a fun game...Auntie Beth rocks!