Monday, December 15, 2008

The perfect RED stocking

After years of searching, last year I found the perfect Christmas stockings. Though most of my holiday decor is white, ivory and gold, stockings must be red. They're the right size, the right feel (very soft fleece), just perfect!

The irony is that this year we decided that Santa will not be filling the stockings.

More often than not, the stockings are filled just to be filled - toothpaste, books, vitamins, gloves, dollar store games, that kind of thing - with one or two "small" in size but not in cost items. Each stocking usually runs about $100 or more to fill. When you're filling just to fill, that's a lot of money! I'd far rather just get the kids what they need - toothpaste, books, vitamins, gloves - when they need them than just to fill the stocking. Which is pretty much how I feel about the season in general: I have a hard time with mandatory purchases.

Maybe I just need a better imagination. Or more "Christmas spirit".

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KarenSue said...

I've discovered that about stockings also, so, this year I am also considering not filling them.