Monday, January 12, 2009

12 of 12 January

I cannot believe that today is my TWELFTH 12 of 12!

I started this blog exercise last year as a result of a challenge posted by Benita on a message board I used to frequent. It is designed to be a scrapbook layout challenge, but I never got my act together enough to actually scrapbook my days!

Starting this assignment, my plan is to actually get my act together, and scrapbook these days. When "chatting" with Susan (the delightful woman who runs the official 12 of 12 blog) she assured me that I was doing okay: "I must say GOOD JOB for keeping up with the pictures - that's the biggie - hard to go back and recreate days. We can go back and scrapbook - but the pictures have to exist first - so GOOD JOB CHICA!!!!" Doesn't she sound fantastic? She thinks we might be twins separated at birth and you know, I think she might be right! Love me a smart, enthusiastic and empowering woman.

So, on to my 12 of 12 pictures for today (the layout will be posted tomorrow on my scrapbook site as outlined in this post):

Leftover Chinese food has to be the best breakfast ever! Yum.

Claire has a shot of Mona Vie every morning and every afternoon when she gets home from school - as do Cole and I, pretty consistently. No more eczema!

Finding my keys to head out into the frigid morning was a task. This may sound like a simple thing, but often it is not. Someone ran out in the evening to get something forgotten leaving the keys someplace other than in the key jar.

On the way to drop Claire off at school we were met out the front door with a full moon and a purplish sky. Perfect timing as Claire was in the middle of recounting the werewolf bit in "Eclipse".

This is the scene that greeted me upon my return home. The sunrise always casts a golden glow into our kitchen. Beautiful.

Cole is really good about making his own lunch - as are all of the kids. Today it was summer sausage, cheese and crackers.

I was so excited to receive a large box in the mail from which I had ordered just before the New Year. It included two of the Memory Makers carousels. Sadly, both were damaged. The good news? They were very good about it and have already sent out replacements!

My good friend, Donna, came over to chat in the early afternoon and we hung out in my studio until it was time to collect the kids from school. What a lovely woman, I am priviledged to call her my friend.

My sick little boy. Sore tummy and headachy. Not much gets done when one of the kids is home for the day. Good thing there wasn't much on the agenda - well, other than laundry and cleaning.

Hello, chicklet! Chloe always has a great day at school. But, brr, do up your coat!

On the way to pick up Claire from school (Cole had already left for his hockey practice) we took a detour to check out the happenings at the harbour. Yesterday they were ice fishing and Caden wanted to see if they were back out. Alas, they were not. The harbour is pretty desolate without the boats and summer sounds!

I'm spending the rest of my evening getting messy in my studio. Ah, what could be better?


Martha said...

ACk...again, I forget 12 on the 12th! Might have to do 13 on the 13th: then I can count on you as my reminder each month! :)

Thanks for a great blog, and for again pointing out my faulty memory bank! :)

Lee said...

Oh no, Martha! Just go onto the 12of12 blog and hit the "join" button. You'll get a couple of e-mail reminders from Susan. After all, scrapping 13 pictures can be harder than 12 ;)

jillconyers said...

I remembered on the 11th. Put my camera in the bathroom where I get dressed in the a.m. And that was the extent of my 12 on 12 yesterday., do I do another Jan day or do I wait until Feb?

TFS Lee :)

MidniteScrapper said...

As always, I love your 12 on 12. The Chinese food and summer sausage made me a little hungry...I think I better get something in my belly. =] Hope your little guy is doing better!

shirley said...

Great day! I thought it was dark when we head out - whoa - it's way dark for you guys.
I hope you little guy feels better today!

Le@nne said...

I came to the 12 on 12 blog and found your site. You take awesome photos!! Can't wait to check out some of your layouts too...