Saturday, January 10, 2009

Balance: Moondog Treasures

Many thanks to Susan Reeves, Owner and Designer, at Moondog Treasures. This necklace was ordered as my "New Year - New Word" gift to myself! It arrived in the mail yesterday (alas, no Saturday delivery here in the Great White North.) Just a trinket, a necklace that I can wear daily to remind me that my focus this year is on balance.

Isn't it nice?


MidniteScrapper said...

Oh, wow, Lee! That is lovely. What a great way to remember your word! It's beautiful.

ArlaMo said...

So pretty, Lee! I was looking at the different pieces posted on Ali's site - I think I need to get a little something, too.

L~ said...

This is sooo pretty! Pst I posted a link to your blog, and that really funny youtube vid with the DOG HOUSE. Hope you don't mind!