Friday, January 9, 2009

Taking my own advice

Over the dune to Cape Cod Bay, July 2008

Often I tell people, when they are under stress, to breathe.

The last week or so, there has been some stress. I do not stress often as I am more of a "fixer". Lately there has been something I cannot control and many won't let me ignore. I'm looking for a little calm. A little reprieve. Maybe even a little distraction.

I was going through and reading my regular blogs and found Karen's 20 things that calm me and realized I could have written at least half of her list! (It might be one of the very few times I regret that I have no sense of smell as it seems such an integral ingredient in the journey to calm.) Her timing is perfect and got me thinking about my list (I'll try to minimize any repeats):

1. Deep breathing exercises: in through the nose, out the mouth, slowly, for two or three minutes (for some reason it is way more effective with my eyes closed!)

2. A clean house: truly clean, not just tidy.

3. A drive in the country: with no destination and no deadline.

4. The sound of the ocean: especially on windy Cape Cod days.

5. A cup of green tea: made in my new Thoreau mug.

6. A long steamy shower: love the rain head.

7. Exploring local places I've never been: amazing what can be discovered.

8. Foggy and misty days: which are plentiful, thankfully, living on the lake.

9. Thunderstorms: they always feel so cleansing.

10. Planning a new project: with no distractions.

11. Flipping through design magazines: Canadian House and Home is my favourite followed by Architectural Digest.

12. Silence: drive with no radio or other distraction, what a treat.

13. Journaling: in my new Moleskine journals.

14. Watching snowflakes: the big fat ones slowly falling, while sipping a nice warm drink.

15. Book store browsing: big stores, small stores, love a good book store.

16. Lighting candles: in the living room at night with some quiet music on the stereo.

17. Sorting craft embellishments: by colour, of course.

18. Planning: especially fun stuff in my new Ali Edwards calendar.

19. Laundry: I enjoy the mindless process of folding and the accomplishment of a job well done.

20. Writing: incredibly cathartic and soothing - either by hand or on the computer.

That felt good remembering all of those things that calm me. I feel better just by acknowledging and writing them down. The best part is finding more things that calm me down than wind me up!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Dana said...

what a great list. and we have similiar calming techniques, the clean house, the hot shower, breathing, and more

MidniteScrapper said...

Awesome list, Lee. I think I would have some of those very things on my list - should I make one. =] Another thing that is calming for me is to make lists. Just making a list about things that are calming would be doubly calming, right? =]

emily said...

I've been dealing with feeling worried myself lately and am so much better at giving the advice than taking it myself too! What a beautiful list of relaxing things...I might steal a few this evening. So many on your list would make it to my list...

Noelia said...

Sorry to hear that you've been going through some stressing times lately, hopefully things will get better soon, they always do :)
Love your list, I love H&H too! Driving in the country seems like such a great way to relax, I haven't done that in a while.

Cyn M said...

AWESOME list Lee!!! I will have to look at them once I am home from Fruitland Park Florida with the Florida chickies!!!

Looking forward to talking when I get home girl!

jillconyers said...

Great list and perfect timing for me too. Sometimes it's so hard to get to "calm".

Char said...

I love the list. I need to make one for myself!
Can't wait to see the Cape view in person! ;)