Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fill Ins #108

I know there is a superstition about seeing a cardinal in winter - but can't remember or find it! If you know what it is, leave a comment :)

1. Oh, I am so fed up with being cold, being behind and being tired!

2. Embrace changes, big and little especially if those changes include becoming warm, getting ahead and being well rested!

3. During the week, I don't get nearly enough done.

4. Daycare stabbing; are you kidding me???

5. Right now I'd like to be completely organized and prepared for anything.

6. My MacBook Pro is my favorite gadget or maybe my G10. Hmm, it's a toss-up!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to LOTS OF HOCKEY: relaxing after Caden's hockey game in the afternoon (yes, this is Canada and sometimes children miss school for a hockey game) and Cole's playoff game vs. Brampton in the evening, tomorrow my plans include four hockey games: three (eek!) of Caden's (if they make it to the semi-finals) and one of Cole's and probably a lot of laughs and plenty of cups of coffee in between and Sunday, I want to not be at the rink for 6:30AM for Caden's hockey photos; but hopefully Caden and his team make it into their tournament final and Cole and Louis enjoy their day in Montreal for the NHL All Star Game (shh, don't tell him, it's a surprise)!


Noelia said...

I heard about the stabbing at the childcare on the radio this morning and I was in shock. How terrible and sad.

Liz said...

Lee did you take this picture? I love Cardinals. I have a pair that hang out at my feeder all year round and I always know when they are coming by their chirps. They are always together too. I don't know of any myth about the winter though. I do enjoy all your pictures on here. You truly have an artistic eye. Very inspiring! Enjoy your weekend. Liz

Kyla said...

WOW! You're a busy, busy gal! I don't have any idea how you do it all! I was thinking after reading some of your posts the other day, if you were related to WONDER WOMAN. . .

You always come across as WAY MORE ORGANIZED than I'll ever be! So don't beat yourself up about it . . . there are those of us who are WAY more disorganized than you! ;) And sometimes . . . doggoneit . . . you just need a break from it all. It's that "balance" thing.

McKay Family said...

That is an amazing picture...did you take it?? I think cardinals are one of the prettiest birds and miss seeing them. We don't have very many in S. FL.

Cardinals mate for life...completely monogamous! They are also a sign of good luck. My grandmother always told me that if a cardinal flies in front of you that you'll have good luck. If it lands in front of you you'll have amazing good luck!

Lee said...

Hey all, thanks for the comments. Kyla you did make me laugh! I did indeed take the photo. The cardinal landed on the lilac in the back yard yesterday afternoon. This bright red male was there with it's mate - she was harder to see as she was not as colourful as her hubby :)

L~ said...

Lotsa hockey! Hope the NHL game is a good time, too!

Terri said...

#4 - I had not heard about that. God I hate those stories, just so unbelievably horrendous.

The cardinal photo is gorgeous.

Hope you get some rest.

Jack said...

What a great surprise for the boys!

Gah, I remember all those mornings, afternoon and evenings spend sitting in a cold rink... Great fill-ins Lee!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

that cardinal picture is beautiful! Sounds like your crazy busy!