Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boys are fun to watch

Caden and his Wolfpack team played in a hockey tournament in Toronto this weekend. Caden was thrilled to have been taken out of school on Friday in order to play their first game - which they, sadly, lost. Today they had two games at two different arenas in fairly short order. We arrived at the first rink for 6:45AM after a 45 minute drive and both games were completed before lunch.

We had a bit of time in between the games so we took ourselves off to Starbuck's where Martin and Helen kindly treated Caden and I to some goodies. Doesn't Starbuck's have the best lemon-poppyseed loaf? It was also good for the boys to drown their sorrows in treats as the first game this morning was a tight one, but our boys were on the losing side of the outcome. But Caden's buddy did get Player of the Game - good job! So, I prefer to look at our trip to Starbuck's as a celebration.

I'm going to say it here, right now, Helen needs a stand-up routine. We can call it: Helen on Hockey. She cracks me up. I'm not sure if it's her observations - or her observations with her British accent. Hysterical. In a good way :)

At any rate, to the point of this post, and the photos above: It always brings me great amusement to watch my kids interact with their friends. The whole body language, comfort and ease in themselves. Especially the boys. They seem to say absolutely nothing, a few grunts and a bit of sport chatter, but get along so well. Fascinating.

In the end, the boys won their last game of the day. A hard fought game where Caden played a version of EXTREME HOCKEY - part hockey, part soccer, part football and was covered in snow by the end of the game! Nothing like giving 110%.

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McKay Family said...

That's great...especially love the part about the grunts and sports little men!