Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Minds?

On Friday, while reading Stacy Julian's blog Altogether Too Happy, she made reference to "National Popcorn Day" on January 19th. Which got me thinking of other Fairly Odd Holidays and where might I find a list? While I was pondering this, I happened to be messaging with my friend Char who had a number of links bookmarked:

National Days
US Holidays and Special Dates
Bizarre American Holidays

Then there was the one I found that I liked, it has volunteerism dates: Energize Inc.

Then, I happened upon the Feeling Scrappy blog only to find another Stacey (this one has an 'e') who had done much the same as I had with a post about filling in your calendar with unique and different holidays.

I went through each site and selected the fun and silly and positive and motivational days and put them on my Ali Edwards calendar as that is where I'm keeping all of my creative assignments and ideas. I've also filled in a few pages of my Moleskine notebook (expensive, but oh so fabulous) with possible layouts/blog entries and photo ops.

Have I mentioned that I'm a planner? I may keep a camera in my bag for spontaneous moments, but I truly live a well designed existence ;)


Noelia said...

I so need another Ali calendar. I bought it before and it was great to have and to look at. Now what I really need is a small purse planner.

Kyla said...

Love all these informational sites! Thanks so much for sharing!

And WHAT in the world is Feast of the Wild Men day? hee hee Maybe it's one of those days, best not to be delved into.

Fun, fun!

Heather said...

I LOVE odd holidays! It was one of my favorite things to do as a teacher! And we love popcorn around here so I need to make note of that one!