Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet G10

I had not intended to buy the new Canon G10, after all, with the G9 working fine, why replace it? Well, that was until last Friday. I unintentionally left my jacket at the blood donor clinic. In the pocket was my G9 and my favourite fuzzy green (grinch) gloves.

I took Claire to Henry's to pick up her birthday gift - she wanted a camera and finds mine too "clunky" so we picked up a cute little ELPH for her. While there, the G10s were in the same display case. One called to me and I listened.

I also had a great conversation with Don, the very knowledgeable Canon-fan behind the counter, about upgrading my current Rebel and spoke at length (much to Claire's delight - insert rolling eyes here) about lenses for low-light hockey rink situations. Looks like there might be some upgrades in the near future.

So, I've got this new baby out of the box. I'm half way through the manual. I'm determined to keep up with my plan to know how to use the equipment I have rather than simply accumulate more new stuff! Some of the dials have changed and the "feel" is a bit different.

Let's hope I remember to not leave this one anywhere!


jillconyers said...

A new camera...what fun! What lens did Don recommend? Your eye rolling made me laugh :)

Char said...

I still LOVE my G9. You'll have to let me know what is different (other than the look). Congrats on the new camera!

Kyla said...

Ahhh . . . she's beautiful! (It IS a she isn't it?) Isn't it SO fun to have a new toy to play with and enjoy!

Have FUN!

ArlaMo said...

Gotta love a new toy! I need a lens for school band concerts - maybe Don has a good tip for that??

Cyn M said...

I am a CANON fan....I am not sure I could go to any other manufacturer of cameras. My old camera had a cracked batter compartment door, I sent it in to the Canon Repair center and they sent it back to me fixed for FREE!!! So, I love Canon! Not to mention, they make a great camera! The next thing on my list (when debt is no longer an issue) is an SLR along with some serious photography classes! ;) It HAS to be a Canon though!
Enjoy it Lee!!!

shirley said...

Love it! I'm thinking about purchasing a compact camera just so I don't have to lug around the DSLR for Project 365. You may have pushed me over the edge!