Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unacceptable: Goon-ish behaviour

Do you remember my praise of Caden's 110% extreme hockey of yesterday? Let me clarify, it was extreme hockey; but, it was not goonish hockey.

This morning was GOON hockey. That kind of hockey is completely unacceptable.

What you see in the photograph above is Caden writing letters of apology to the coach from the other team as well as one particular player and his parents. I'm so upset with him right now. We sat down together and came up with:

Dear Coach X,

I'm sorry I hurt your player S at the hockey game this morning. I got caught up in wanting to stop him and became a goon. I should have been ejected. It will not happen ever again. Please forgive me.

#2, Wolfpack

All of the notes are similar. Do you remember the days when you had to write lines? I'm so tempted to have him write "I will not be a goon" about a million times! I've scanned the notes and sent them on. Now we're trying to come up with a suitable "punishment" so that he remembers what he did wrong and never repeats it. My idea is that he take all seven weeks of summer holiday and actually become a good hockey player at hockey camp. My theory: if you can skate and play well, you do not have to resort to cheating or goon tactics. He thinks it would be best if he just promises (fingers crossed, no doubt) that he'll never do it again.


ETA: I'm happy to report that Caden's apology has been accepted by his buddy (and parents) and all is well.

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