Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Four: no 3.

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”
~ Brian Andreas

Thank you so much to my virtual friend Sherri who is so jazzed about The Four. I'm so happy to join her on this journey.

What is The Four? From their site:

"The Four is a collaboration project which will incorporate photos, poetry and/or a prose response to a bi-weekly challenge.

Four Canadians living in four diverse regions living four distinct lives. Connected by a love of photography, a desire for deeper expression, belief in the power of collaboration and heart's connection."

By happy coincidence, I am participating in Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self e-course taught by the lovely Susannah Conway. Through this first week of the course, I happened to take, what I consider to be, the perfect photo for this The Four assignment.

I am really enjoying these challenges and courses. I think my photography, writing and scrapbooking is improving greatly. Just as energy encourages more energy: creativity encourages more creativity.

And there's always that bit about synchronicity.


jillconyers said...

The Four and the e-course sound so interesting. You're right, creativity does encourage more creativity :) Enjoy the challenges!

Jeanne said...

I found that blog as well and was inspired to join in. Love your shot, so fitting for the quote.

Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, I adore that photo - great shot!

Sherri said...

This photo is too perfect! I totally believe in challenges to stretch and push ourselves to a different level. Once we get there, surprises happen. And it is good!

I am going to check out your other challenge. Perhaps something for the future or can you join anytime?

Keep the fun alive lee!

shirley said...

I checked out The Four. I may have to weave that into my daily picture. Love yours!