Sunday, February 22, 2009


* Totally Scrapbook Related

You know when you use something and then cannot find it again? I love my Color Box Liquid Chalk. I hate the pad because it gets all chewed up and doesn't last long, but the look? The look can't be found using other products. Well, not that I've found.

The problem?

I cannot find this colour: Chestnut Roan. I'm told that it is the most popular. No kidding: I can't find it anywhere! I've been to two local scrapbook stores and Michael's in search, I've been on-line and I've had no luck.

So, if you stumble across it, let me know! I'll take all that you can find :)


Beth said...


If they don't ship to Canada, I can order it and then mail them to you. Let me know.

ArlaMo said...

That's my favorite, too!! I always seem to be running out of it. Not sure where I'm going to buy it now that I live in scrapbook wasteland. In MN, I had 3 Archivers within driving distance, plus an assortment of Michael's, Jo-Ann's and other little sb stores.

Jayne said...

I use that color on almost every page I do! Love it. I will keep my eye out - haven't seen it since I left Omaha but I just opened my last one on Friday...