Sunday, February 1, 2009

I really do enjoy football


This is a big day, one which many, if not all, football fans have been waiting for all season! I'm a fan of the game, so this is indeed my favourite football day. When living in Buffalo throughout the '80s, when the Bills were a great team, I did my fair share of tailgating and game watching.

I am a fan of the game as opposed to a fan of any one team.

Growing up I watched all of the great teams of the '70s which, of course, are always more familiar to me than any of the expansion teams. I remember all of the great characters of the game. The great announcers and their crazy clothes. Do you remember those bright blue blazers worn by the ABC announcers? Hysterical. The wonder of the blimp which used to be all about football before it was all about golf? The game when it was more about the game than individual players and television revenues.

So, the chili is already on the stove, the chicken wings prepped and ready to go, hot dogs are queued up, the fixings are all fixed, and I'm considering thawing out some shrimp - for me, of course. I have no doubt I would find a pretty full beer fridge in the basement. Both dark beer for Louis and root beer for the kids.

No, we're not having a party, I just over-do-it in the food department, and I have a lot of kids and one large husband to feed.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Go Cards.

Go Steelers.

Lets make this a good game, please.


Jack said...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Lee. Enjoy the game :)

Buckeye Benita said...

I'm a fan of the game too, though I was happy to see a former Buckeye do so well for the Steelers.

Jeanne said...

I'm with you a fan of the game more than any one team although I was hoping more for the Steelers. Oh my football in the 70s, Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meridith on Monday Night Football? Was happy to see Joe Willie bring the trophy out but thought he looked a bit frail.