Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Lacrosse Era has begun

We signed up the boys for Lacrosse on Thursday evening and in anticipation of weekend clinics and went out to get the equipment on Saturday. The boys are psyched to start!

The timing couldn't be better.

Every summer since the kids were five they've played baseball. There has been some dabbling in soccer and rugby, but baseball has been a mainstay. It makes sense, after all, we own a baseball training facility.

This year we have a natural break for Caden - he's spent the last two years in "rookie ball" (machine pitch) and a third season would not improve his skill level (there are all kinds of issues with how the boys and girls learn or really, don't learn, the sport through the league) and he's not mature enough to move up an age level, he's a young almost-9 and just not ready to play with the 10 and 11 year olds.

Cole is a great little baseball player and we've explained to him that to take a summer off at age 12 to explore another sport is the right time. It was his decision but we, Louis and I, encouraged him to really think about Lacrosse. After all, it's only four months and he can always go back to baseball if he doesn't like it.

Our family philosophy is to have the kids experience, to varying degrees, as much as they can so that they can make choices from a position of knowledge as well as desire. It makes for crazy days of driving and dropping off and picking up: insane logistics but that's why we're here ... to give them as many opportunities as we can.

Now to finalize summer camps and trips and all those days in the sun. I enjoy the unstructured structure of summer and really look forward to the long days and warm weather. I'm equally anxious for the arrival of the structure of fall, but right now, I think a little summer would be lovely!


Char said...

I think it is great you encourage tasting more than one sport. So many parents pick a sport FOR their kid and push them to do it every year whether they like it or not. Variety and choice helps them grow! I know the boys will do well.

Jack said...

Honestly... how do you keep up?

Anonymous said...
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Lee said...

I have a standing policy of removing all "anonymous" posts without signature. It does not matter if they are offensive or not. If they are unsigned they are removed.

Kaye said...

Oh, I miss lacrosse! Morgan played for two seasons and really enjoyed it, but he just wasn't aggressive enough for the sport.

He had an awesome coach who gave him quite a bit of time on the field even though he was the least accomplished player.

I loved watching the games and am so glad that Morgan gave it a try.