Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lorraine's Cupcakes

My super talented friend, Lorraine, has gone into the cupcake business!

When we went to lunch earlier this week I ordered some: we'll get 2 dozen cupcakes every 2 weeks. I had complete faith that Lorraine's product would be spectacular.

My order arrived and I'm thrilled to report that I was right: these cupcakes are FANTASTIC!

The cupcakes are made from scratch - not "box"-scratch, real scratch; the icing is real butter cream; the cost is $25 for 24 cupcakes. If you're local and interested you can get in touch with Lorraine by sending an e-mail to you will not be disappointed!

My kids are delighted. In general, they are dessert deprived as I don't have much of a sweet tooth and don't often think about it. They deserve a treat! Happy Valentine's Day, love Mama (and Lorraine!)


Char said...

Oh they look so yummy and i LOVE cupcakes. I'm thinking I will need to track your deliveries and plan my visit on delivery day! HAHAHA!!

Jayne said...

What lovely cupcakes! My poor kids are like your dessert deprived!

MidniteScrapper said...

They look great! I would much rather have a cupcake over cake. =] Great picture and good for your friend for doing her own thing like that. Love it!